Glory Hole Frenzy is a mini-game in which you control an NPC called Pamela Andrews in a glory hole box.


Cocks will appear on right to be satisfied by Pamela. Once placed by the player into the glory hole, Pamela will see to that cock's needs. The different needs are:

1. Hand-job - 10 points - Incompatible with boobjobs.

2. Blowjob - 15 points - Incompatible with footjobs.

3. Insertion - 20 points - Incompatible with footjobs.

4. Boob-job - 30 points - Incompatible with handjobs and footjobs.

5. Foot-job - 30 points - Incompatible with blowjobs, boobjobs, and insertion.

You can click on the cocks to speed Pamela up and finish faster. The longer the game goes on the shorter the time interval between the introduction of new cocks and the harder to satisfy demands are introduced.

When an action finishes, the score from it will be multiplied by the number of cocks that she is still servicing + 1, (e.g. If she finishes a blowjob (worth 15 points) while still performing two handjobs, the score recieved from the blowjob will be multiplied by 3, netting you 45 points). Therefore it is best to perform the actions in order of most valuable to least valuable. For instance, if the available actions were a blowjob, a boobjob and insertion it would be best to start the boobjob first, then the insertion, then the blowjob. This would mean that you would gain 90 points from the boobjob (30 x 3), 40 points from insertion (20 x 2) and finally 15 points from the blowjob.