Money in MNF Club can be earned in a variety of ways although the system is currently geared towards premium female users as stripping is by far the best way to earn some fast cash.

Methods for Earning Money:

  • Madame Olivia's Brothel - This is the least preferable method as income is low and it renders your character unusable while working. The Brothel can be found in MnF Alley.
  • Mini games - There are a wide variety of mini games in MnF club, which form the best way for non premium members and premium males to earn money. More information can be found on the Mini-games page.
  • Buying some money - You can now buy some money at the MnF National Bank with real money. (see on its page for more details)

Methods to Transfer Money between players :

  • The Rodeo Minigame - Player can compete against each other in a multiplayer session, betting from 100 to 1,000$ ; the winner gets the looser money, effectively transferring some money. This method was used a lot before the bank opened.
  • The MnF National Bank - It can be used to send an unlimited amount of money to every avatar very efficiently. See on its page for more details. This method is only accessible to premium users.
  • Stripper Pole - This can only be used if someone is paying a premium female where the player would simply throw their money to the stripper.