A Premium Account can be purchased or generated either for a monthly subscription and will get renewed automatically this way, or by a Premium Certificate where you get a code that you can also give to other players. The Premium Account gives the player a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to many more sex positions per gender (see here for details)
  • The ability to purchase a Petnis and fuck certain NPCs with it, and unlock another position
  • Access to a variety of exclusive outfits and accessories
  • A badge on their profile.
  • A premium account can enter the baths at any level, which normally requires level 3 for a regular account
  • Ability to purchase apartments
  • Ability to have more than one character
  • A premium player gives more xp to the players he/she has sex with

When a previously premium account looses its privileges, the player keeps all his/her characters previously created and can still play with each of them. The account also preserve any bought item and sex position, although the user will not be able to use any of them before renewing it's premium status.


There are three options you can choose from :

  • $ 24.95 : renewed each 3 months
  • $ 39.95 : renewed each 6 month
  • $ 69.95 : renewed each 12 month

You can cancel the future renewal at any time very easily. By doing so, you will stay premium until your current subscription reaches its end, then loose you privileges until you renew your premium status again.

Example : if i subscribe to premium for 3 month in January, and cancel it in February, I will still be premium until the end of march. Then, as my payment is not renewed, I loose access to my clothes and premium positions, but can keep my characters and experience. All will be unlocked again if i decide to subscribe to premium again.

Payment Plateforms

You can choose from two of them :

  1. CCBILL : Where you can pay using two methods :
    • Credit card
    • Direct Pay EU
  2. Vendo : Where you can pay using credit card.