The Southern MnF region is a location on the southwest side of the island. It is accessible from the MnF Metropolis by walking southwest along the bicycle path.

At the moment there are three places you can visit in Southern MnF: the MnF National Bank, BDSM&Fetish shop and Jail Block. One last building not yet accessible to players is the Apartments. It is speculated that this will be added in a later update.

This area was added with the 02/14/17 update.

The Jail Block

Its entrance is located on the northwest side of the Southern MnF region. Any player can enter it.

The Prison Yard and Jail Block are open for public visitation and RP. Users who ruin the game experience can be forcefully sent to jail for 1 hour by moderators.


Added in the 04/28/17 update, BDSM&Fetish is a shop located next to the MnF National Bank in the southeast corner of Southern MnF. At the moment, the shop offers two costumes for Premium female avatars.

  • Bondage Harness+Nipple Rings: $1,500 (Premium)
  • Bondage Harness: $1,300 (Premium)